Friday, September 19, 2008

Everything going pretty well here in the Herzog household. Trevor continues to enjoy 2nd grade so far and has already recieved a "Jackson Jaguar" award for being safe, curteous, and respectful in the library. They give out these little certificates to award good behavior to reinforce it, hopefully. We have already had 2 den meetings this month with our cub scout den and the boys are doing a great job. Amazing how much they have grown over the summer and how much quicker they are at doing things as compared to last year. Next Saturday we are all going on a hike around the zoo and the boys are really excited.
I am enjoying my part-time status at work and getting to spend more time in the afternoon with Trev instead of sending him to day care. Steve continues to work on his projects and has hired an engineer to help him with software development finally. Hopefully that will go well.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finally got the pics off the camara so I can update. These are from Trev's first day of school. He loves his new teacher and class. This year he actually tells us a bit about his day as opposed to last year when he would tell us that he didn't know what he did all day. A big improvement!