Sunday, December 14, 2008


We had snow today! It snowed all day long, I think there is a good 3 or so inches out there. Trevor spent a bit of time digging around in it in the backyard but the snow was too powdery to really do anything with. He enjoyed it anyway. Tonight the wind has picked up and it is an ice slick outside. Will see if school gets cancelled tomorrow......

Visit to Santa

We took Trevor to the mall to see Santa today so he could tell him what he wants for Christmas. It was kind of funny because he thanked Santa first for the gifts he received last year. Santa played along with that of course. They got quite a visit in before his picture was taken by the photographer. This pic. was taken by daddy.

First Lost tooth

Trevor finally lost his first tooth. He is trying to show it here in the picture. It is in the front on the bottom. He was very happy that the tooth fairy showed up and gave him a whole dollar for his little tooth. He said he didn't know that the tooth fairy was really real until now.

Santa and the Christmas Train

Steve and I took Trevor for a little ride on the Christmas Train. It is an old steam engine that has been refurbished by a local train club. The had the train all decorated with lights and Santa visits everyone on the train. Trevor was very excited as the trip was a surprise.

Little Santa

Decorating the tree

Trevor did a wonderful job decorating our tree this year. Hard to believe he can reach 3/4 of the way up now. He did most of it himself and then mom added the rest. He was very excited (as usual) about getting our decorations out.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Trick or Treat

Trevor was a ghost this year for Halloween. He didn't want to be a friendly ghost because he says that he is always friendly every year. However, he didn't want to be too scary either so he settled for a costume somewhere in between. Here he is in costume with a couple of his friends

Halloween and Pumpkin Carving

Here are some pics of Trevor carving his pumpkins and the end result. Pretty scary!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The boys didn't get very far once they caught onto this tractor at the farm exhibit at the zoo. All the boys on the tractor are from our den. I think they played on that for a good 15 minutes before we had to shoo them off so others could play. They really had a good time.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Everything going pretty well here in the Herzog household. Trevor continues to enjoy 2nd grade so far and has already recieved a "Jackson Jaguar" award for being safe, curteous, and respectful in the library. They give out these little certificates to award good behavior to reinforce it, hopefully. We have already had 2 den meetings this month with our cub scout den and the boys are doing a great job. Amazing how much they have grown over the summer and how much quicker they are at doing things as compared to last year. Next Saturday we are all going on a hike around the zoo and the boys are really excited.
I am enjoying my part-time status at work and getting to spend more time in the afternoon with Trev instead of sending him to day care. Steve continues to work on his projects and has hired an engineer to help him with software development finally. Hopefully that will go well.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Finally got the pics off the camara so I can update. These are from Trev's first day of school. He loves his new teacher and class. This year he actually tells us a bit about his day as opposed to last year when he would tell us that he didn't know what he did all day. A big improvement!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Earlier this summer Trevor decided he had outgrown the Frog and Toad motif in his bedroom and wanted a change. We are just now getting time to paint his room. I had hoped to have it done before school starts but we are cutting it close. Here is a shot of him helping to primer the walls. We had to use a lot since the mural on the wall had so many dark colors in it. Tomorrow we start on the actual paint colors he picked for the room. Stay tuned to see how it turns out. By the way, by the time we were done with the primer that little red paint smock of his was mostly white!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trevor is really into "science" these days. Here he shows off a project he took from his kids science project book. He did it all by himself with no input or assistance from us. Read the directions very carefully and did each step. As for what it is, I am not sure. Basically he used his play doh to attach a funnel to a pop bottle. His next project.......a worm farm....stay tuned to see if we actually make one.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

7th Birthday

I know this is out of sequence but here is Trevor at his 7th birthday party. He wanted the piece of cake that had the baseball on it so that is what he got. It was huge! Of course, he only ate a quarter of it but he was thrilled with it anyway.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Maggie, Sean and Trevor look for interesting things in the grass at Grandma's house.
Trevor and Maggie at the Seaside aquarium. They both had a great time playing with the sea stars.

Summer family fun

The Hestenes Family (sans Glen) came to visit us this summer. Here Trevor and cousins Maggie and Sean have fun digging in the sand at Seaside.

Camp Fun

The boys even got to "dress up" our den guide for a friendly competition. The boys are (l.-r.) Tiernan, Trevor, Emmy, Joshua, and Brett. Guide "Cross" is the one dressed in newspaper.

Here the boys are playing tug of war with den leader Steve and parent Glen. As you can see, the boys are not faring so well.......

Forbidden fruit

This summer our cub scout den went to day camp for the first time. Camp ran for a week and had a pirate theme called "X marks the fun." One of the camp rules included no climbing the trees. Thus, the first thing our den did was get caught climbing one of the trees!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Our Little Catcher

This is Trevor's first season playing with an actual baseball team. He is in Class A Little League which means they use a pitching machine (and the rules tend to change from coach to coach). Trev started out pretty strong but somewhere along the way developed a fear of the ball. With lots of practice with dad he has overcome it and has renewed his enjoyment for playing. His favorite position is catcher, although he likes to be in the pitcher position too even though he does not actually pitch. This has been a very good learning season for him and his team.